• Magnetic microphone mount
  • Magnetic microphone mount

Magnetic microphone mount

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Powerful neodymium magnet with 3/8" adapter (most common microphone thread). Comes in two different strengths (standard – 140 N and  extra – 350 N). The 3/8" adapter is custom made from stainless steel and detachable. Thread on the magnet is M6 (6 mm).

⚠ Neodymium magnets may cause interference with credit cards (magnetic stripes), cardiac pacemakers and ICDs.
Neodymium magnet for mounting microphones
Strength: 140 N (standard), 350 N (extra)
Diameter: 20 mm (standard), 32 mm (extra)
Outer thread: 3/8"-16 UNC microphone thread (6 mm long)
Inner thread: M6 (12 mm long)
Adapter material: stainless steel
Magnet material: zinc-plated steel and neodymium
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