Shipping information

Shipping costs are calculated at checkout. Orders above 250€ excl. VAT will be automatically stripped from shipping fees, as you will see a "free shipping" option during checkout.

For small packages (<100 grams), you can use Slovak Post as our main postal service, and they are shipped as 1st class and tracked letters. Once the package enters your country, you can usually track it with your local (national) postal company. That is also the best source of the current package status.

For all other packages we use DHL express, which is more reliable and faster — but also more expensive. All DHL packages with value above €300 are automatically insured.

All packages are usually shipped within 7 days since your order (if not noted otherwise, e.g. the item is sold as pre-order).

The receiver/customer is responsible for settling all charges in order for customs to release the shipment and have it delivered. DHL may ask for a broker fee when handling your package with customs.

Common delivery times with DHL express

Slovakia 1-2 days
European Union 1-2 days
USA and the rest of the world 3-5 days


Common delivery times with Slovak post

Slovakia 1-2 days
European Union 3-5 days
USA and the rest of the world 5-14 days


If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us.