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Geofón is a sensitive omnidirectional geophone adjusted for field recording purposes. Originally designed for seismic measurements, it can be used with regular field recording equipment to capture very faint vibrations in various materials and even soil.

⚠ Neodymium magnets may cause interference with credit cards (magnetic stripes), cardiac pacemakers and ICDs.
⚠ Due to the nature of the geophone sensor, you may experience picking up electromagnetic interference in specific urban areas and other places with strong electromagnetic fields

Directivity: omnidirectional
Frequency response: 10 – 1000+ Hz
Impedance: 3500 Ω
Resonant frequency: 14 Hz
Open–circuit sensitivity: 80.0 V/m/s
Cable: 1.5 m, robust polyurethane jacket, shielded
Output: XLR-3M balanced, gold-plated black Neutrik connector
Dimensions & weight: 52.5 mm x 36.5 mm ⌀, 190 g (including the cable and the magnet)

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

  • assembled Geofón sensor with cable and connector attached
  • neodymium magnet (e.g. for attaching to steel constructions)
  • stainless-steel spike adapter with 50 or 60 mm extender (size depends on the available stock)
  • 40mm suction cup

    Headphone listening recommended 🎧

    Bridge handrail (unprocessed)

    Locks on bridge, rattling (unprocessed)

    Bowed plastic siding (unprocessed), recorded by Kai Paquin

    Bathroom fan (unprocessed), recorded by Kai Paquin