• Daniel Kordík — Poznova

    Daniel Kordík — Poznova

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    Poznova is based on several field recordings taken between 2015 and 2019, and on the set played by Kordík at Café OTO in London on July 4th 2019. This was later assembled into 6 simple compositions with no overlaid sounds.The release focuses on sounds recorded during different times of a single day; starting with morning sounds and finishing with the sounds of the approaching night time.The title Poznova is an interplay between the words ‘Po’ (after) and ‘Znova’ (again). It’s about rebirth, repetition, and imperfection.

    Daniel Kordík is one of the founding members of Bratislava’s Urbsounds Collective and a member of many other musical and cultural initiatives in London and Bratislava. With Edward Lucas he co-runs London based label Earshots Recordings, which focuses on free improvisation and field recordings. Kordík works predominantly as an improviser, a field recordist, and a member of the electronic duo Jamka.

    Released as CD and webrelease in 2020 as LOMF08
    Cover photo by Daniel Kordík
    Recorded by Daniel Kordík
    CC BY-NC-ND 3.0