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Elektrosluch 3+

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Elektrosluch 3+ is an open-source device for electromagnetic listening. It allows one to discover sonic worlds of electromagnetic fields, surrounding our every step. Just plug your headphones & explore.

Elektrosluch 3+ is the most sensitive Elektrosluch yet. By using state of the art operational amplifier, we have managed to significantly improve signal to noise ratio and extend the frequency response (both on low and high frequencies). This will allow you to capture even more delicate electromagnetic sounds with greater detail and definition. Its cover is now made from more robust & frosty plastics for better protection.

Stereophonic electromagnetic listening device
Power: 9V battery (user replaceable)
Headphone/Line Output: 3.5 mm (1/8″) stereo mini jack
Ext. input: 3.5 mm (1/8″) stereo mini jack
Maximum gain: 60 dB

Sample recordings made with Elektrosluch 3+

Elektrosluch users include: Richard Devine, Somaticae, proto/kolle, Drakh, Jonny Fox and many other musicians, field recordists, performers and other people curious about the world of electromagnetics.

“The Elektrosluch 3 is an amazing electromagnetic listening device. I have been a long time fan of induction coil pickups and this one is by far the most convenient and easy to use one yet. I love the ability to listen to different sources very quickly with the headphone input, and the potentiometer control gives a higher cleaner output. I would easily say this is now an essential piece to my sound capturing rig.”
Richard Devine

“The Elektrolusch is an amazing sound device for uncovering a hidden Hertzian landscape” – Paul Purgas (Emptyset)

“Great tool! Electrosluch 3 works very well indeed, verrry space-y device for detecting rather unpleasant and to our ears transparent sounds. Will be exciting for live performances and also workshops”
– Slavek Kwi / Artificial Memory Trace

“A new incredible sound world has opened up”
SØS Gunver Ryberg

“Its sensitivity and spatial precision is astonishing.”
– Jean-Marc Duchenne

“Opens up a world of sound previously unheard. Endless fun for the creative mind. An amazing source for sound design and wavetable generation for modern synths.”
– Dominic Zunino

“I love the improvisational quality of Elektrosluch… as a sound designer the realtime electrical movement aspect is great.”
– Dave Nelson, Outpost Studios

“Elektrosluch 3 speaks to your inner tinfoil hat aficionado, you become your own leaker of electronic secrets lurking in your environment. It has very quiet circuitry and it makes EMF hunting fun. It can also be used for quite serious recordings of the beautiful sounds that lives live in our airwaves. Like birdwatching for troubled souls. The build quality is really nice. When I show it to friends who have no interest in environmental recordings they go 'Wouw' just because of the looks and feel of the Elektrosluch. Very happy costumer.”
– Jacob Striboldt, proto/kolle

“I have found that using the Elektrosluch 3 helps in more than just an audio-exploratory way. It's practical as well; to find power lines in walls which need to be pierced or cut open. Really enjoying this device.”
– Kent Macfarlane

Schematic & board files (for Elektrosluch 3+) (Eagle format and PDF)
Licensed as CC NC-BY-SA
Concept & electronics by Jonáš Gruska
Artwork by Birch Cooper
Made in EU