• Elektrosluch Mini City (DIY kit)
  • Elektrosluch Mini City (DIY kit)

    Elektrosluch Mini City (DIY kit)

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    Elektrosluch Mini City is a DIY kit of Elektrosluch, an open-source device for electromagnetic listening. It allows one to discover sonic worlds of electromagnetic fields, surrounding our every step. Just plug your headphones & explore.

    Elektrosluch Mini City kit contains all the necessary parts, including the plastic top cover and battery. Detailed assembly instructions will be available online once the device is shipping.

    Elektrosluch Mini City circuit is identical to Elektrosluch 3+.

    Elektrosluch Mini kit is easy to assemble, however some soldering experience is required. We strongly advice you to make sure you're capable of assembling it on your own before you start. If you're not sure what you're doing, find someone around who can help. We won't be able to solve your issues over the internet.

    You will require soldering iron, solder, phillips screwdriver and side cutters for cutting of the leads.

    Stereophonic electromagnetic listening device (DIY kit)
    Power: 9V battery (user replaceable)
    Headphone/Line Output: 3.5 mm (1/8″) stereo mini jack
    Maximum gain: 60 dB

    Schematic & board files (Eagle format and PDF)
    Licensed as CC NC-BY-SA
    Concept & electronics by Jonáš Gruska
    Made in EU