• Stanislav Abrahám — Důl Lazy
  • Stanislav Abrahám — Důl Lazy
  • Stanislav Abrahám — Důl Lazy

    Stanislav Abrahám — Důl Lazy

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    “The recordings from the Lazy underground coal mine were made in 2010 as material for a forthcoming audiovisual installation in the Exposition of Mining at the National Technical Museum in Prague. This project did not come to fruition and the recordings remained unnoticed for over ten years.
    In the meantime, the mine was closed in 2019, so the sound recording of the environment has also gained archival value.”

    “From a total of 8 hours of sound recordings, I assembled a 43-minute selection, which I divided into seven parts, according to the nature of the sounds and the dramaturgical structure of the collage. Sometimes the sounds are layered over each other, but 80 percent of the time it is just one stereo track. In addition to the heavy mining mechanics, we can hear the raspy Ostrava dialect of the miners, a cricket in a tunnel deep underground, an excerpt from a 2 km long ride on an underground train, or the meditative surfaces of hissing pneumatic pipes.” — Stanislav Abrahám

    Released as a CD and web release as LOMF11
    Recorded by Stanislav Abrahám in 2010
    Edited, mixed and mastered by Stanislav Abrahám in 2023
    Cover photo by Michal Šeba
    Graphic design of FIELDS series by Jozef Tušan
    2024 CC BY-NC-ND 3.0