• Jonáš Gruska — Spevy
  • Jonáš Gruska — Spevy

    Jonáš Gruska — Spevy

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    Chaotic (poly)rhythms generated by natural elements such as wind and water, extended and combined with micro-improvisations. Field recordings of trains, crickets, grasshoppers are joined by a generative synthesis, inspired by the traditional music of Laos. Sounds of Jonáš’s childhood, sounds of immediate surroundings, ultrasounds pitch-shifted to our hearing dimension. 

    The main theme of the album is erratical behaviour of the environment and fauna in collaboration with attempts to find a pattern and order; exploration of ASMR phenomenon through unconventional microphone techniques and deep focus on meridian-response-inducing timbres. Each used sound has a strong emotional connection with Jonáš’s past and has its own story in the overall experience.