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Uši /uʃɪ:/ is a pair of stereo-matched, high quality omni-directional electret microphones. Compared with regular built-in microphones supplied with many recorders, Uši have exceptionally low noise and high sensitivity. They are especially useful for recording delicate sounds and environments.

They work out of the box with any portable recorder with “Mic In” input providing plug-in power (Zoom, Tascam, Olympus…) as with DSLRs with mic inputs. If you don't have a recorder, we recommend Olympus (LS-5, LS-10, LS-11 and LS-100) and Sony (PCM-D50, PCM-D100) recorders as a best match for Uši. Here is a great list of independently measured recorders.

Would you prefer a XLR version? Check Uši Pro or Uši Pro (XLR) cable.

Matched stereo pair of pre-polarized condenser microphones
Operating voltage: 2-10 V
Cable: 1.5 m (for each mic) with 2.5 mm diameter
Maximum input pressure level: ~122 dB SPL
Sensitivity: -28 dB at 1kHz (±3 dB)
Self-noise: ~14 dBA
Output: 3.5 mm (1/8″) jack
Output impedance: 2.4 kΩ at 1kHz

Specifications are subject to change without notice.


What is included in the package:
  • matched stereo pair of Uši microphones
  • minijack–2x miniXLR cable (1.5 m)
  • Uši clips for easier mounting

Recordings made with Uši plugged into Zoom H6

Other Uši recordings

Artists using Uši include Jonathan Fox, Jonáš Gruska, Jara Tarnovski, Kris Limbach, Lackluster / Esa Ruoho, Pavel Fajt, Sky To Speak, Jacques Kustod, Mounir Fatmi, Ian Mikyska, Stratocluster, Mikkel Nielsen / Sonic Salute, Mikko Kolehmainen / Soundreogranized and others.

“I love the USI pro mics I bought from you several months ago. I’m a location sound recordist and have been using them to collect street ambience and field recordings. The results are fantastic, so thanks!” – Ross Carew

“Small, well built & good sounding with low noise: for me a perfect pair
for field recording and experimentation.”
– Kris Limbach

“Since I got my pair of Uši, I just want to listen and tape 24/7 anywhere I go.” – Martin Kohout

“Uši are great sounding and versatile mics. I love their compact and miniature design. Being so small, they are almost always with me, ready to listen. Perhaps what I like most about them is that they drive me further into experimentation.” – Daniel Kordík

“They are a significant upgrade from my Zoom H2N internal mics – no
common ground actually.”
Kaloyan Dimitrov

“I wasn't happy with my Olympus LS-10 internal mics so I had my eyes on Usi for a long long time.
I went to Slovak forests (in the middle of the night) and captured a pair of Usi.
Me and my band mate Valentin are very happy with it. It's a joy to use and abuse. We are a complete family now.
Virtually no setup, clarity, very low noise added and meaty sound. Ripe field recordings, no joke!”

– Felix Petrescu (Makunouchi Bento)

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